The Christchurch Metropolitan Highland Pipe Band was formed in 1952 and from that time competed regularly at local and national levels, always being around the prize list.

During the 1960's the band had considerable success, winning the B Grade Championship in 1964, and following this achievement up with considerable results over the next decade or so at this level.

In the early-mid 80's the band began to show up strongly in Grade 2 competitions, culminating in winning Grade 2 and being promoted to Grade 1. The band continued to grow in numbers through the late 80's.

Currently we are regrouping in Grade 4 and looking to compete during the 2014/2015 season.

The long term goal of "The Met" is to progress through the grades again, building on a programme of teaching and growing as we move forward.

The band supports the local community, playing for

  • Council concerts
  • ANZAC parades
  • weddings and funerals
  • any local events

At this time practises are being held at Vision College, 334 Manchester Street, at 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings. Our band hall at 94 Falsgrave Streed is currently being assessed by engineers to determine how best to repair it after the Christchurch earthquakes.

Any pipers or drummers with experience in bands Grade 3 and above would be welcome to come to practice with a view to joining the band.